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Privacy Policy

In order to process a transaction between you and Bernie Townsend we need to collect some of your personal information. As we understand how important it is to you that your personal information is kept safe and confidential we have set out this Privacy Policy to demonstrate our commitment to our customer's privacy.

We only request and obtain information from you to enable us to process your order, deliver your goods and keep you up to date with promotions, new releases and other marketing material from Bernie Townsend.

The personal information we ask you to provide us with is as follows:

1. Your name and address

This is of course required to deliver goods but may also be used by us to send correspondence about your order or to send a brochure of forthcoming releases or other marketing or promotional material.

2. Your email address

By providing us with an email address you are allowing us to use your email address for all communications relating to your transaction. We may also use it to send marketing and promotional material as described above.

3. Telephone numbers

To process your order efficiently and to ensure your goods are delivered safely and securely we need to know your telephone number, preferably a landline and mobile number.

4. Cookies

These are small pieces of data stored on your computer and identify your computer to our server. They do not allow us to access your computer or your personal information and can be turned off by you by changing the settings on your browser. Please note this is widely used technology and if you change the cookies setting in your browser it may stop you from purchasing goods from this website.

5. All information

We respect your confidentiality and privacy. We keep all information we collect securely and do not sell, transfer or share your information with any other person, website, business or organisation except as is required to process your payment and deliver your goods.



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